I Just don’t understand the movie industry…

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Would someone please explain to me how a movie that earns over $50 million in it’s first five days could possibly be considered "disappointing"?

That’s what the whole friggin’ industry is saying this week about KING KONG.

I mean, come ON PEOPLE!  The movie is easily the most critically-praised movie of the year by both critics and theatregoers, and the movie is "Disappointing"?

Maybe if the movie industry lowered it’s expectations a little bit, the industry wouldn’t be in such a huge slump. These days, it seems if a movie does less than $150 million at the box office, it’s a bomb.


Hollywood is the most greedy town in the entire universe. A perfect example is the RIAA’s war on music file sharing. 99.9% of the time, SOMEONE has bought the product, and the artists and record label have ALREADY BEEN PAID with the purchase – otherwise it wouldn’t be out there for trading. And with the ridiculous prices of CD’s these days, who can blame people for file sharing? The artists want infinite indemnity on their music. WHY? Such a thing has NEVER happened at any previous time in music history, so why now?

Don’t get me started on THAT one…

Anyway, back to KONG. So they expected it to do $90 million,a nd it only did $50 million. So what? It will easily make it’s money back by the end of it’s run. They’re even trying to compare Kong’s opening weekend to director Peter Jackson’s opening weekend for "Fellowship Of the Ring". Kong actually made MORE money, but in order to justify their theory on why Kong is "disappointing", they do the ol’ "adjusted for inflation" BS to point out that because ticket prices were lower four years ago, Fellowship actually made more money than Kong.

And? Your point is what?


KONG is a masterpiece. It’s a far better movie than half of the ones the critics are going nuts about that most people will never see because they play the "art house" circuit, and 90% of the moviegoing public can’t stand most of those films. Even the CRITICS agree that KONG is a masterpiece. But the naysayers aren’t taking into account the fact that the East Coast got walloped with a snowstorm opening weekend, that Christmas and Hanukkah is coming and people are not finished buying presents and such yet.

All the naysayers better watch it…because if they continue on these kinds of campaigns for every blockbuster that "fails to meet expectations", their own complaints will continue to be responsible for causing the lackluster returns that they’re expecting. And of course, they won’t take the blame…they’ll blame it on the studio, the director, the economy, or anything else, rather than admit that their comments, and all the coverage of them, effectively sabotage the film’s chances afterward.

When it comes to this kind of destructive analysis of a movie’s box office chances, I have only one thing to say…break out the ball gags and lock them tight, because i’m sick of hearing these so-called experts. They’re full of shit, they know they’re full of shit, and the real reason they go out there and do this kind of thing is to make everyone think they know everything, when in fact they don’t know a f**king thing. Because if they did, they’d either take the responsiblity themselves for the huge box office slump their comments are helping to cause, or they’d they’d take the intelligent way out, and SHUT THE  F**K UP…

Sometimes Hollywood really SUCKS…

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