Subject:CINEMA #69 – “You’ve Got Batmen In Your Belfry!” (Part One)

This week, Kim and TC tackle all aspects of The Dark Knight!  And there’s so much…we couldn’t fit it all in!

This week’s show:

All aspects of the Batman phenomenon, from the early serials to the upcoming feature film The Dark Knight, and everything in-between. Includes The Batman/Superman Hour, Batman (1966 series), Superfriends, The New Adventures of Batman, Batman:The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, feature films Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Begins (2005) and almost a dozen more shows and movies!


There is a HELLA LOT of Batman stuff out there. In fact, there was so much, we couldn’t fit it all into one show….SO Wednesday, watch for part two of the show, with more Batman stuff, plus our e-mails, memories of Batman from our listeners, and the final installment of our huge S:C Trivia Challenge, plus more more MORE! Same Popcorn Time, Same Roses Channel, Different Bat Day!

What we DID fit into this show was a look at the character, and EVERY SINGLE TV AND MOVIE PROJECT from the 1943 serial to the upcoming 2008 feature film The Dark Knight, except one, which will be coming up on the Wednesday show.

And as the week goes on, you’ll see plenty of Batman stuff popping up…

On Tuesday, our Trailer Trove will feature the opening credits and trailers from ALL the various Batman productions…

On Wednesday, Part two of "You’ve Got Batmen In Your Belfry!"

On Thursday, the debut of our new Popcorn N Roses HOT SITE OF THE WEEK featuring a Batman-oriented site

And on Friday, our first weekly PNR Online Film Festival featuring a great Batman-oriented trailer.


We get an extra day in the weekend, but S:C will be on time next Sunday with a complete rundown of all the fall movies hitting your local theater.

Our Fall Movie Preview….Be There. Aloha!