Subject:CINEMA #69A – “You’ve Got Batmen In Your Belfry!” – Part Two

I apologize for not having the trailers up on Tuesday as scheduled. They will be up on Thursday sometime, and the Hot Site and Online Film Festival entries on Friday and Saturday respectively…

Continuing our look into Batman in the media…


This second installment covers all the stuff we had NO room for on the Sunday show, including "Return To The Batcave", along with the direct to video movies, Batman:THE MUSICAL (!), other music inspired by the Batman TV series, Batman fan film sites, video games, and more. Plus, coverage of the last Attack Of the B-Movies show, our review of Death At A Funeral, a look at Herschel Gordon Lewis’ first feature, Living Venus, and all our regular stuff – E-Mail, Bonehead Of The Week, The Callback…and the FINAL INSTALLMENT of the Subject:CINEMA Hero Heat Trivia Challenge!


I apologize for this being up so late…it’s been a crazy week at work, and trying to get some stuff reviewed for this weekend, and all kinds of crazy prep for this weekend’s blockbuster Fall Preview Show…

In any case, there will be more notes over the weekend this weekend, so please check back!

A hearty FAREWELL to our friend, Filmspotting’s Sam Van Halligren, who is leaving that podcast as co-host after two years…we’ll miss you, Sam! (…and you’re STILL Wrong about Lords of Dogtown…heh heh heh…)

This weekend, join us for Subject:CINEMA’s Blockbuster Fall Movie Preview!