TRAILER TROVE – Back to The Batcave!

We’re a couple of days late, but we’ve got an absolutely Bat-tacular stash of Batman openings and trailers courtesy of the many You Tubers out there!

Let’s Kick things off with the trailer from the 1949 serial Batman and Robin (it says 1943, but i’m pretty sure that’s wrong, as that was called The Batman)…

Next Up, the opening from the cult classic TV Series!

And the trailer from the movie based on the hit series…

Batman’s first foray into animation, in 1969’s Batman With Robin The Boy Wonder!

An "Equal Pay" PSA starring Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig, and Dick Gautier donning the cowl…

The opening of the legendary first season of Superfriends!

The revamped Superfriends, with The Wonder Twins!

Another incarnation, Challenge Of The Superfriends!

Bringing our Superfriend-zy (hooboy!) to a close, the opening from Super-Powers Team: Galactic Guardians!

Flashing back a bit, the opening from Filmation’s New Adventures Of Batman, with Adam West and Burt Ward back in the voices!

Now Let’s move forward…

To the reincarnation of the live-action Caped Crusader, with the trailer from 1989’s Batman, with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson as The Joker!

The trailer from the sequel, Batman Returns

A new Dark Knight in Val Kilmer in the next film, Batman Forever

And finally, the worst villian portrayal ever, and another new hero in George Clooney for 1997’s Batman and Robin

Back to the animation, and the definitive animated version, Batman:The Animated Series!

The revamped follow-up, The Adventures Of Batman and Robin

50 years into the future, we find Batman Beyond

Here’s a great compilation of all six Batman Onstar commercials, with Bruce Thomas in the cowl (and a great job by You Tuber Smiegal Pictures)

Moving into the 21st century, the opening from Justice League

And the opening from Justice League Unlimted

Finally, the current animated incarnations, from The Batman, seasons 1 & 2

And the credits from the most recent season, now including Batgirl and Robin

Finally Batman returns to the big screen in the persona of Christian Bale..

The trailer for Bale’s first turn as the Dark Knight, in Batman Begins

The first teaser for the upcoming sequel, The Dark Knight

And finally the second teaser from The Dark Knight

Whew! We’re Batmanned out for now…but more is coming throughout the weekend…stay tuned…