TRAILER TROVE – Remembering 9/11

On this sixth anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack in history, some people seem to have forgotten WHY the U.S. is the way it is when it comes to our work in the middle east to bring down terrorism.  Here are two reasons that we hope will remind everyone WHY it is absolutely CRITICAL we win the war on terror…2,974 innocent people died six years ago today.  They were people who had lives that they never dreamed would be cut short in such a brutal and terrifying way. And we must NEVER, EVER let this kind of thing happen again on our soil.

To the work of the FDNY and NYPD, a reminder of what they had to deal with, and the job they faced with undeniable courage, even though many of them knew it could mean the end of their own lives…Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center

To all those innocent people who boarded planes heading off on business, family trips, or returning home to loved ones, here is the true tribute to 44 of those people who gave their lives to try and save others targeted by the terrorists by fighting back…and one of TC’s Top 10 Personal Pantheon movies…here are both trailers for Paul Greengrass’ United 93

Our thoughts and prayers will always be with those who lost their lives on that horrible day six years ago, and with the loved ones they left behind as well. Let us never again have to endure such pain and heartbreak again…and let us NEVER forget WHY we are fighting to help make the world a safer place…

OK, political statements over…back to business as usual tomorrow….:-)