Subject:CINEMA #72 – “From Paint To Pigment – The Live Action Cartoons!”

This week, Kim and TC take a look at the cartoons that have come to the big screen as live action movies.

The Show:

We discuss lots of cartoons that have made the transition to live action feature, including Transformers, Masters Of The Universe, Thunderbirds, and over a dozen more movies! Plus, our usual features – E-Mail, Bonehead, the Callback – and the debut of our latest new weekly segment, Cheese and Whine. Plus a few odds and ends.


I’m sorry for the lack of postings this week – even though I was on vacation from my job, and was doing plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff for the blog, I didnt’ get a lot posted. I had hoped to get a lot more done than I did, but MySpace has been a pain, which I went into in this week’s Callback, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Plus, on Friday I began redoing the podcast studio, and it didnt’ get done until late Saturday – I thought i could do it in four hours or so – it ended up taking around FOURTEEN hours altogether, so that screwed things up too.

Hopefully things will be getting back to normal as the next week progresses…

This Thursday, "THEY CAST WHO AS WHAT?" and next Sunday, "UNDERRATED INCORPORATED", so be sure to check them out!