Subject:CINEMA #74 – “Underrated Incorporated”

This week, by request from listeners, we name another dozen movies we thought were underrated – movies that didn’t really get a fair shake, from the critics, the public, or both!

THE SHOW: Kim and TC reveal their dozen Underrated picks for this installment of underated movies, and try to give you reasons why you should check them out. Also, TC reviews Julie Taymor’s "Across The Universe", the usual stuff – Email, Bonehead Of The Week, poll results – and coverage of this past week’s National Amusements "Attack Of the B-Movies" series.


I’ll have some more notes, and the video clip mentioned in the e-mail, up later this evening. Of course I always say that and sometimes it’s a week or two later, but I PROMISE they’ll be up by early Monday Morning at the latest this time!