Slight changes for this weekend’s podcast programming

Because of our coverage of the New England Film And Video festival, we are making a few changes in our weekend programs.

Right now, we are planning to attend the New England premiere of the NEFVF Narrative Film Winner, Still Green, this afternoon; however, we are awaiting confirmation that we will be able to get in – we don’t want a repeat of the Cut Off incident yesterday; rather embarrassing, to say the least…

Barring any unforeseen problems, we will attend that screening, and hope to have our overview of the festival up and running by later this evening. As a result of our busy schedule this weekend, the usual Sunday edition of Subject:CINEMA – the first in our "Masters Of The Macabre" series focusing on Boris Karloff – will premiere Monday, Columbus Day, at Noon – one day later than normal. We hope this won’t inconvenience anyone – since Monday is a holiday for most people.

Also on Monday, Subject:CINEMA will be presenting the debut of our first outside PNR Networks show, VIDEO REVUE, hosted by regular S:C listeners Monica and Johnny Swanson.  Full details will be on the site tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!