Subject:CINEMA Special – The New England Film And Video Festival Wrap-Up!

Our regular edition of Subject:CINEMA this week will be coming up on Monday, October 8th, at 6 PM…

In the meantime, here’s our special wrap up of the 32nd annual New England Film and Video Festival!

This special features reviews of three films we took in at the festival, Once Upon A Film, Cut Off, and Still Green! One quick correction, if I might – I called the writer of Still Green "Gretchen" in the podcast, and that’s wrong, it’s Georgia Menides, and i’m so sorry, Georgia! It was nice meeting you!

If you should find yourself near a local festival, even though you may have never been to one, take the time and go! We had such a terrific, positive experience, and we know you’ll love it!

A special, heartfelt THANK YOU to Patrica Moreno, director of the NEFVF, and her fantastic staff, and the staff of Brookline’s Coolidge Corner theater, for making this such a fun and positive experience!  You all made us feel very welcome, even though we were newbies, and it’s very much appreciated!!!

See you with Masters Of The Macabre: Boris Karloff tomorrow!