Subject:CINEMA #76 – “Masters Of The Macabre: Boris Karloff”

TC and Kim launch their month of Halloween shows with the first of five tribute shows to performers and producers of the horror genre – the legendary Boris Karloff.

THE SHOW: This week, we delve into the career of Boris Karloff, and spotlight just a few of the nearly 200 films he made during his lifetime. Also, the return of E-mail, the Bonehead Of The Week, this week’s Attack Of The B-Movies coverage, some commentary on recent fare on Something Weird’s On-demand cable channel, and the beginning of our Masters Of The Macabre Trivia Challenge, where another $100 Gift Card from Best Buy is up for grabs!


This has been such a hectic weekend for us – as you well know, in addition to getting the Masters Of The Macabre off the ground, we were in attendance for three films and a panel at the New England Film and Video Festival, where we had so much fun (check out the recap show), and made some great connections. So the show was uber-late. But it’s now up, and we’re very thankful for the patience of our loyal fans.

Don’t forget – Our loyal listeners Monica and Johnny Swanson have a new podcast, Video Revue, and it went up today! Be sure to head over and check it out – they’re great together! And be sure to check out the blog as well.

Keep watching throughout the week on the site – some changes are in the offing, and they’re bound to make our site even better than it is now. Also, if anyone out there has CSS or PHP experience and would be willing to lend a hand at little or no cost, i’m not great at either one but could use some help with those areas. Also, anyone who knows the Movable Type system, I could use your feedback as well.

Keep checking PNR throughout the week for continuing features. This week, Trailer Train will return with trailers from the New England Film And Video Festival, and Trailer Trove continues it’s march through the movies being featured in National Amusements’ Attack Of The B-Movies screenings.

Also, if you read and follow Boston Popcorn, note that as of mid-week sometime, it will move to it’s new address, which is That address is not working yet, but they swear it will be soon.

If anyone has tickets to one of about 200 sneak preview seasons of The Final Season, starring Michael Angarano and Sean Astin, this week, please don’t forget to send in a review! I tried to land tickets to the freebie, but apparently didn’t get them…::sigh::

NEXT TIME: Masters Of The Macabre continues with a look at the career of Bela Lugosi