Subject:CINEMA #77 – “Masters of The Macabre: Bela Lugosi”

This week, TC and Kim continue their fright fest for Halloween with a look at the man who became known as the definitive Dracula, Bela Lugosi.

THE SHOW: The films of Bela Lugosi, plus our usual antics (The Callback, Trivia Challenge, Attack of The B-Movies, E-mail – sorry, no Bonehead this week!). Plus, a review of Michael Angarano’s new movie, The Final Season, and a look at indie filmmaker Michael Geoghegan’s AFTERFALL from the New England Film And Video Festival!


Rob Collier sent in a voice mail review of Mr. Bean’s Holiday, which we didn’t have room for on this week’s show – Rob, we”ll get it in next week’s show!

If you would like more information on Michael Geoghegan’s AFTERFALL, check out the trailer for the film at his MySpace site; he will sell you a copy for $7!

Masters Of The Macabre continues next week with the great Christopher Lee!