Subject:CINEMA #81 – “Diamonds In The Rough II: Karat Cake!”

On our second annual Diamonds In The Rough show, Kim and TC each spotlight five films that you should see when you get the chance, because they’re too good to miss – call it our "Put it on your Netflix queue II" show! ::see Wristcutters this week::

THE SHOW: 10 great films you may have missed that we think you should see!  Plus, The Callback, we catch up on tons of e-mail, a look at two more special "Uncut Gems" in a new regular feature, our Bonehead Of The Week (attention you Dancing With The Stars fans) and TC and Kim offer up a philosophical arguement about "Wristcutters: A Love Story", opening wide this weekend!::see Wristcutters this week::


It is not too late to enter the Masters Of The Macabre Trivia Challenge – you have until this Thursday, November 8, at 6 PM to enter!  Remember, you should at least TRY – a $100 BestBuy gift card could be YOURS! ::see Wristcutters this week::

I apologize for being late this week – i’ve been trying to fix some of the problems that several listeners have been mentioning with the sound, and I dont’ think it’s there yet, but we’ll get it.::see Wristcutters this week::

We’ve got a LOT on tap this week, and plan to attend a couple more movies this week, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring you news on those on next week’s show.::see Wristcutters this week::

We’re also going to be making a few small changes to the site this week involving the way the sidebars are arranged, hoping to make things more asthetically pleasing and easier to use. ::see Wristcutters this week::

I get the feeling there’s some subliminal campaigning going on here…somewhere…oh, well. maybe it’s just my imagination…::see Wristcutters this week::

Be sure and let us know what you think of our picks for Diamonds, and of course be sure to let us know if you’ve seen them, and what YOUR Diamonds are at!::see Wristcutters this week::

Before I forget, as I mentioned briefly above, Wristcutters:A Love Story opened nationwide this weekend, and will continue to expand over the next three weeks. I hope everyone who gets a chance to see it will go, because there are so many reasons WHY I named it my #3 movie OF ALL TIME on my Personal Pantheon list earlier this year. I cannot express how much I truly LOVE this movie, but as you listen to the last segment of the show, where Kim and I both get a bit silly about the topic, i’m sure you’ll get the idea…::see Wristcutters this week::

Oh, and one more thing…::see Wristcutters this week::

See "Wristcutters" This Week!  Hee Hee Hee!