Why no Oscar buzz for three of this year’s best?

it’s that time of the year again…everyone’s talking "nominations", and some awards and nominations have already been released.

Yet I recently looked at the Oscar Screening calendar, and the list of various studios and distributors sending screeners out to the Oscar and Golden Globe voters. And NOWHERE on that list are three of the best films of the year…all are better than some of the critical favorite dreck leading the nomination pack – and one of those three is one of the best films OF ALL TIME!

Autonomous Films has yet to schedule ONE SINGLE OSCAR SCREENING for two of the best from not just this year, but ANY YEAR. Where are the screenings for "Wristcutters: A Love Story" and "Fierce People"? I am absolutely APPALLED that virtually NOTHING has been done for either of these fine films, both of which have Academy quality performances, screenplays, direction, cinematography, and Wristcutters has a sure-fire best song contender as well in "Through The Roof And Underground".  I haven’t seen ONE "For Your Consideration" ad for EITHER movie, and that is PATHETIC. Especially in Wristcutters’ case, where it was nominated for the prestigious "Best Film Not In Your Local Theater’ award at the 2006 Gotham Awards, and has been a major festival contender for over a year. 

I’m sorry, but in a year where the Hollywood Foreign Press is touting movies like Charlie Wilson’s War and Margot At The Wedding as comedies – EXCUSE ME? – Wristcutters seems a natural addition, a true comedy that genuinely fits into the catagory.

And surely, Fierce People could use some love from you. Anton Yelchin’s performance is one of the best of the year, and Donald Sutherland, Diane Lane, and Chris Evans all turn in award-worthy performances as well. Why aren’t I hearing any buzz about this movie either?? WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?

Hey, you folks at Autonomous Films…get off you butts and GET PROMOTING!  I’m holding YOU solely responsible if these two movies are completely blown over because you didn’t mount a decent campaign. At least get screeners of these movies to the voters, pronto – there’s still a chance to get them nominated if you do.

And Anywhere Road, you’re not getting off easy either. Black Irish has SEVEN Film festival wins under it’s belt. Oscar and Globe-worthy performances from Michael Angarano, Brendan Gleeson,and Tom Guiry are being totally IGNORED because there’s NO campaign going on. Are you sending screeners out? Where are YOUR ads for BI?  Why haven’t I heard any buzz about these performances and this excellent film? Because YOU’RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB, that’s why!!! No one can consider these performances if they can’t SEE THEM! Get your publicists working overtime on this, right now!!!

I’ve been watching the buzz building for weeks now, and I’ve been waiting to see something for these three unjustly ignored films…I was SURE someone would recognize Wristcutters at least. But so far, nothing is happening…and i’m MAD AS HELL!!! 

If I had the funds, I would mount my OWN "For Your Consideration" ads in the trades for ALL THREE movies, that’s how strongly I feel. These movies are ALL Oscar and Globe worthy, and should be being touted as such.

For god sakes, man! Don’t let these movies just fade into the sunset. You have to GRAB for the brass ring if you want it – don’t you want it? And If you don’t…WHY THE HELL NOT? You DESERVE it for these three films.

It’s NOT TOO LATE…but if you wait much longer it will be. All three movies will probably be on our best of lists when they comes out on New Year’s Eve, but that will be FAR, FAR TOO LATE to help them….please, i’m BEGGING YOU, Autonomous Films and Anywhere Road Films, get campaigns launched NOW and at least give these movies a fighting CHANCE!!!