No S:C this Sunday; will air this Thursday instead

Due to Kim being a bit under the weather, we have decided to postpone recording the next show until Monday to give her a bit more time to feel a bit better. So we’ve rearranged some of our our year-end shows a bit to accomodate, and our schedule for the next two weeks now looks like this:

Thursday, December 20
S:C #88 – "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

Sunday, December 23
S:C #89 – "Directors’ Chair – It’s A Wonderful Life – The Films Of Frank Capra"

Thursday, December 27
S:C #90 – "Walking In A Winter Wonderland"

MONDAY, December 31 – 8 PM – **SPECIAL DAY AND TIME**
S:C #91 – "The Third Annual Poppies and Rosies Awards"

Thanks for your patience and indulgence, it’s much appreciated. We WILL have plenty of stuff on the site over the rest of the weekend and into next week as the awards continue to pile up.

And PLEASE DON’T FORGET (subtle, aren’t I?) to send in your preliminary ballot for the Podlistener’s Choice Movie Awards. If you don’t have one, it means you aren’t a member of the mailing list – you can get the ballot and take part by checking out our PNR Newsline Group!  Preliminary ballots are due in one week from tomorrow, December 23rd and we need all the input we can get to make this year’s awards as successful as last years!