Subject:CINEMA #88 – “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!”

I apologize for being late today…Comcast’s system crashed when about 90% of the show had been uploaded, and wouldn’t come back up for almost four and a half hours….this system is driving me nuts lately..

Oh well, enough about that…today’s show features Kim and TC’s take on Santa Claus at the movies!

THE SHOW: Plenty of Santa talk this week, plus Kim’s review of I Am Legend, and a jampacked Callback this week.


Be aware that segment 5 features an edited expletive rant by Kim about a recent attack on Santa Claus by the acting Surgeon General…

Also, as we have a mid-week edition coming on Thursday, we will have a HUGE e-mail segment, and this week’s Bonehead Of The Week, plus the Empire survey I mentioned in the Callback on that show – there simply wasn’t room for it on this week’s show!

Thursday, come by as we go "Walking In A Winter Wonderland"!  And don’t forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley, and that the Poppies and Rosies are just ONE WEEK AWAY!