Poppies and Rosies now just a week away!

It’s that time of year again…so it’s time for the hype to begin! 🙂

Next Monday, Popcorn N Roses will announce it’s annual Poppies and Rosies on a special episode of our weekly podcast, Subject:CINEMA.The Poppies are given by yours truly, and the Rosies by the Platinum Rose of PNR, and my better half, Kim Brown.

This year’s show will hopefully be as entertaining as it is informative, and unlike the Oscars or Golden Globes, we’re not hampered by the current WGA Strike…heh heh heh…

I also have to say that we usually don’t fall in line with the rest of the sheep…er, critics who all seem to give the same awards to the same movies year after year. Our awards are given from the heart, and from the GUT. We don’t award to just anything…but we also award smaller films that deserve more attention that do some of the "indie darlings".

That is NOT to say that they won’t win an award…typically, they do. It just means that we don’t take everyone else’s opinion into account…we make the decisions based on quality, performance, score, and so on…and NOT on inner circle politics (and anyone who says most of the critics awards AREN’T just an entertainment political race is sadly mistaken in most cases…).

For instance…we can’t include what we haven’t seen. In many cases, and despite considerable efforts on our part, the studios have refused to acknowledge PNR as a legitimate press outlet, and in many cases have refused to grant us screeners. Fortunately, We’ve worked with a number of indie distributors who were happy to include us, and that’s great, but if we haven’t seen a movie like "There Will Be Blood" because it’s not officially released yet, then it is the studio’s fault that we cannot include it on our year end best of lists for PNR and our contributions to the various film organizations we belong to because we didn’t recieve a screener. The studios are doing that to themselves.

So anyway, it should be interesting and fun.  We’ll Kick off our awards season by announcing our Best Of 2007 Top Ten Lists on Friday, December 28th, as a sneak peak of the Poppies and Rosies, so you won’t want to miss that. Check on Friday at 10 AM ET for the official announcement!