Subject:CINEMA #90 – “The 3rd Annual Poppies And Rosies Awards!”

It’s all the years best in this, our annual year-end spectacular.

In this special three-hour edition (don’t worry, you can listen in shifts, heh heh heh), TC and Kim pick out the best of the best of 2007, naming their official winners in over two dozen catagories, plus over two dozen more "unofficial" awards for silly things like "Valley Dude Of The Year’, and "The Bad Continuity Award" among others.

It’s a spectacular show, one that we’re proud of. And even though we get a little long winded in these year-end wrap ups, it’s worth it. Our picks rarely match other critics lists, but you can be guaranteed that when you sit down to watch the movies that win, you’ll usually love it!

So sit back, relax, and have a great new year’s even with TC and Kim…we know you’ll have a TON of FUN!

See you in 2008!