Subject:CINEMA #92 – “Resolutions We’re GONNA Keep!”

This week, TC and Kim enter the Podcast Confessional to admit to 10 movies apiece that they’ve never seen and should have, and vow to watch and review them during 2008!

Also this week – The Callback, E-mail, a review of "Juno" and a review of the latest company of "RENT" to hit Boston!


No Bonehead on this show – we’ll have one on Thursday’s montly Special Midweek show!

Also, in the e-mail, we mention that Darren sent us a listing for a Matango toy from E-Bay. This morning, he sent us the pic as well – I was gonna just link to the E-Bay listing but since we have the photo – here goes:


Is this not the GOOFIEST toy you’ve ever seen? Yikes….and Thanks Darren!

See you all Thursday for "It’s All A Vast Conspiracy!" And don’t forget to vote for us at PodcastAlley using the button on the contact pad above!