Subject:CINEMA #95 – “Decidedly Disney, Part One: The Animated Shorts”

Kim and TC kick off their three-week Disney miniseries with a look at the animated shorts!

Also, this weeks’ Callback with some exciting site news, this week’s anti-Bonehead Of The Week, a review of the Coen Brothers’ No Country For Old Men, Showcase Cinema’s Kung-Fu Flicks…

And the final segment, in which TC and Kim share their thoughts about the tragic death of Heath Ledger, with some choice words for Fox News anchor and radio host John Gibson…this section of the show is bleeped explicit, especially near the end.

Some quick notes..

First off, we goofed on one of the titles of next week’s Kung Fu Flicks – it’s actually Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave, not Bruce Lee Has Risen From The Grave…

Also, I totally forgot about my reason for existing on this Big Blue Marble (outside of Kim, of course), the X-Games Men’s Snowboard Superpipe finals, are tonight – last year’s champ Steve Fisher missed the cut last night (or, as I like to remember his fall last night, TC’s most funnest ever shadenfruede moment …), as did Louie Vito and a number of others, but Shaun White will be back trying to reclaim his gold, and will be getting a run for his money from a few others including Mason Aguerre and the always awesome Danny Kass and Antti Autti.  So what i’m trying to say is that I won’t be watching the SAG Awards, but we’ll have alist up tomorrow…and we may or may not have a special about them, so don’t definately be on the lookout for it.

Next Week, Part two of our Decidedly Disney minseries, the Animated Features!