Subject:CINEMA #100 – “OH MY GOD! We’re Turning 100!”

This overpacked, extra long edition of S:C is all about YOU, our listeners! Without your support, we would have NEVER made a milestone like 100 shows!

We’ll take a look back at the past 99 shows, talk about what has been so special about doing this show every week, and look ahead to the future of the show. Plus – we’ve got this week’s short Callback, a huge E-mail section, coverage of this past week’s National Amusement’s Kung Fu Flicks, our Oscar predictions, TC’s take on his second New Year’s resolution movie, The Maltese Falcon, a trip to the Brattle Theater’s annual Bugs Bunny show, and full reviews of Spirit Award nominee Quiet City and the hilarious new comedy Charlie Bartlett!.

Don’t miss our Awards Weekend wrapup show, available tomorrow evening around 9 PM with complete coverage of the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards, The 2008 Golden Raspberry Awards, and of course, the 2008 Academy Awards!

THE CASE OF THE MISSING AUDIO CLIP: I said in the show that Rob Collier’s 100th show wishes would run between the second and third segments. When I was editing the show, I started having so much trouble with the audio program that I totally forgot to put it in–as Rob pointed out to me later on Sunday…heh heh heh. Anyway, I apologize, but after thinking about it for a while, rather than make you all download two versions of the 100th show, I will put it in this week instead. Sorry for the mistakes, and Rob, sorry about that…i’ll get it in this week’s show, right between the first and second segments, I PROMISE…

See you next week!