Subject:CINEMA #104 – “Rabbits Out Of Hats – Magic In The Movies!”

This week, Kim and TC take a look at Magic in the movies!

Plus, This week’s Callback, we catch up on our e-mail, we take a look at Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Vertigo, and we launch this season’s coverage of Dancing With The Stars!


It’s been a BEAR trying to keep things up the last several weeks – with work being crazy, and our PNR/IFS schedule getting tighter and tighter, it’s hard to keep things updated, but don’t give up on us – work always continues!

I did manage to catch up our movie ratings in the ListZone this morning, and also debuted the Resolution Revolution list – scores will appear from our Resolution movies as we see them. As you can see, i’m still up on Kim 2-0 so far, and Casablanca and Citizen Kane, along with three of the four Universal monster movie collection, are here and just waiting to be watched…

A quick correction – in our discussion of the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo, I inadvertently gave the incorrect year of release as 1962; I apologize for the error – it was released in 1958.

We also ran short this week, by almost 20 minutes; we had a couple of other items that we pushed back because Kim was getting ready for Easter Vigil at her church; we’ll be back to our normal length (or longer…you KNOW how we are, heh heh heh) next week.

On the schedule for this week – i’ve got a TON of screeners to catch up on for IFS, we are taking in SpineTingler: The William Castle Story at the Boston Underground Film Festival later today, we are hoping to get to Stephen Chow’s new movie, CJ7, as well as David Gordon Green’s new movie Snow Angels (starring PNR 2006 Rising Stars Michael Angarano and Connor Paolo) and Friday night’s opening of 21, as the week goes on. We are skipping this week’s Chlotrudis EyeOpener, Chop Shop, not because we don’t want to see it (I actually do want to see it rather badly), but because Kim didn’t get back from Easter Vigil until just before 11 PM, and it would have been a bit of a short night for her if we had to get up earlier. So that movie will have to wait. And as if that’s not enough, Kim has a rehearsal for the Chlotrudis Awards during the week after work one night…is it any wonder time is tight these days?

But in any case, we hope you enjoy this week’s show on magic in the movies. And we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter holiday!

NEXT WEEK: PREHISTORICAL PARADIGM – Dinosaurs In The Movies! Be There. Aloha.