Delays, Delays

As you all know, Kim came down with a bad case of the stomach flu last week. She has since gotten over it, but it has morphed into a nasty chest cold, or more accurately, a throat cold. She can’t stop coughing and has a wicked sore throat and almost no voice at all. These combined illnesses made it impossible for us to participate in this past weekend’s 14th Annual Chlotrudis Awards as planned, and I have to say a great big THANK YOU to Michael and Scot from Chlotrudis for their kindness and understanding in what was going on. We actually trekked out to the Brattle to make a go of it, because Kim’s always the show biz trooper, but once she got there realized that she wouldn’t be able to do her part of the opening number. Seeing how sick she really was, they were more than helpful and understanding, and their kindess will always be remembered!

That having been said, because she still has no voice, we will NOT be doing another episode of the show until this coming Sunday, April 6th. And because of a date conflict with a family event on that date, we will be moving the next edition of "Reel LIVE!" from April 6th back one more week to Sunday, April 13th.

You get all that? Heh heh heh….

Seriously, though, we appreciate your patience and concerns, and to make up for the problems we have been having, we have scheduled an additional Thursday show this month so we can finally get the damn Dinosaurs taken care of, heh heh heh…

All of the schedule adjustments are noted on our calendar under the "Subject:CINEMA" group on the right sidebar.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you on the air Sunday!  But don’t go away…there will be more blog entries between now and then, betcha!