Subject:CINEMA #105 – “A Hard Days Night – Beatles Movies!”

Kim and TC take a look at the movies of the Fab Four! Included in our look, all five movies starring The Beatles – A Hard Days Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be!

Plus Cheese and Whine returns with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and a RetroRewind from September 2007 about Julie Taymor’s Beatles-based Across The Universe!

And of course all the usual claptrap, including a short edition of the Callback, coverage of two weeks’ worth of Dancing With The Stars, this week’s Bonehead, and a review of SpineTingler:The William Castle Story!


We ran a bit long, so E-mail will return on our special Thursday catch-up show this week!

Thank you for your patience while Kim has been recovering from a nasty bout with the stomach flu, which then morphed into a nasty cold which left her with no voice and a bad cough for four days – I also had some trouble this week after apparently getting bitten by a spider, which left my left arm in agony for three days…

Hopefully things will get back to normal as the next week goes on…

See you this Thursday with Prehistoric Paradigm!