OK, so we couldn’t even make THIS date, heh heh heh

With regrets, I must inform our loyal listeners that the planned Thursday edition of Subject:CINEMA is just not going to come off.

Kim is still having problems with her illness, and between that and our hectic schedule with a film series at the Brattle and the beginning of the Independent Film Festival of Boston this week, we had no time to get things ready. So due to our overly full schedule these past two weeks, we’re going to have to postpone the Auto Racing show indefinately, and we may scrap the Horse Racing show with it, since they were planned to compliment each other.

We’ll make a final decision on these two planned Thursday shows and let everyone know about it sometime in the next day or so. Watch the calendar area of the site for changes as we finalize what we’re doing. What we will probably do is postpone the racing shows until later in the year, and move our special on the IFFB from next Wednesday to next Thursday.

We WILL DEFINATELY have this Sunday’s edition of Subject:CINEMA, our annual Summer Blockbuster preview show, ready ON TIME. It will also be filled with a TON more stuff that we plan to bring you, including coverage of the recent Japanese film series at Cambridge’s Brattle Theater, some coverage of the IFFBoston, and reviews for at least one movie, The Forbidden Kingdom, and possibly one or two others.

We would rather scrap a show when we don’t have time to properly pull it off than bring you a substandard edition of the show, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Keep watching PNR for continuing coverage of the IFFBoston in the days ahead!