IFFB Coverage now up and running

The Independent Film Festival of Boston is underway, and you will want to keep up on every aspect of this highly-thought of annual festival.

We are providing complete coverage and reviews of a number of films on PNR’s sister sites Boston Popcorn and IndieFilmSpotlight.

Already featured – a full review of WE ARE WIZARDS, a fantastic new documentary focusing on the Harry Potter fandom worldwide, with an emphasis on "wizard rock", with bands like Harry And The Potters and Draco And The Malfoys.

Still to come – reviews of BLOOD CAR, FLASHPOINT, NATURAL CAUSES, CRAWFORD, and several other films, and more on the festival itself and what’s upcoming.

I can’t say how much we hope you check out the coverage.

Also, later this coming week, we’ll be providing a complete wrap up of the IFFB 08, including discussions and reviews about several films, on a special mid-week edition of Subject:CINEMA, which returns to it’s regular schedule tomorrow – i’ll be updating the schedule calendar in the next couple of days to reflect the changes made during our time away due to Kim’s illness and a couple of other things.

In any case, check out the coverage on IFS at http://indieflimspotlight.com and the BRAND NEW Boston Popcorn site at http://bostonpopcorn.net!