Weekend Schedule – Two, count em TWO, great shows for you!

Things have been very hectic and illness filled this week. Kim continues to be ill and has been through several tests this week, while I have been suffering through the longest lasting migraine in history – it started Sunday night and is still bothering me off and on for awhile every day.

As a result, we have not had the chance to get the IFFB show up. It’s recorded, but i’ve not had the chance to edit it, plus I want it to sound great for the filmmakers who have taken the time to show us their films. And with the summer movie season starting tonight with the release of IRON MAN, I won’t have time to get it done this evening, either.

Therefore, this weekend you get DOUBLE the Subject:CINEMA for your buck! (well, so to speak…)

Subject:CINEMA #109 – Independent Film Festival of Boston Wrapup, will premiere Saturday at Noon ET

Subject:CINEMA #110 – Hollywood Vs the Mob: Real Life vs Reel Life, the first of our Made May series, will premiere Sunday at Noon ET

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as we get through the next few weeks, and get back on our feet from our illnesses…it’s much appreciated!