Marquee Mix is in serious jeopardy…PLEASE help us save it!!

As mentioned on last week’s Subject:CINEMA and as posted on the Marquee Mix site this past Sunday,
we’re so happy that so many listeners have found Marquee Mix and its sister channels a great station to turn to for the latest in movie music.

But now, we find ourselves fighting for survival.

Within the last month, Live365 has implemented a new pricing structure which has raised our costs by almost 40% for each of the stations we run. Live365, still the best priced radio network on the network, implemented the pricing increase because they are being hit hard by the RIAA and the CRB decisions. And because of those decisions, we too are being hit hard, and it has triggered some hard thoughts about the future of Marquee Mix.

At the time of the increase, we had several more mini-channels on the project block including two Marquee-branded stations: Marquee Mouse, featuring all Disney songs, and Marquee X, a channel geared at extreme sports fans. Now we have had to temporarily postpone the launch of these channels, both of which were starting to get some pre-debut buzz from listeners.

In order for our fledgling network of stations to survive, we are coming to YOU – the loyal Marquee Mix listener.

Effective immediately, Marquee Mix and its sister channels Marquee Classics and Marquee Scores must be able to begin generating at least enough revenue for the stations to break even every month. If they do not, it unfortunately will mean a series of changes aimed at saving the stations will have to be enacted that could see the disappearance of the mini-stations, and even endanger the existance of Marquee Mix itself.

Between now and June 15, we need to generate at least $500 in donations from our listeners. If we are unable to do so, both Classics and Scores face at least going to premium-only listenership, and possibly complete extinction. And Marquee Mix proper will have to drop our from our current program level, and be unable to bring you the continually expanding and already extensive library of classic movie songs you have grown to love listening to.

The easiest and most painless way to help Marquee Mix out is to sign up for a recurring monthly donation. We have recurring donation levels at $2, $5, and $10 a month that are deducted automatically from your PayPal account. Selecting one of these ensures that you are always donating, which helps not just operating expenses for Marquee Mix, but for all PNR projects.  Your donations are what help us to grow and expand our operations, adding more music to existing channels and also adding new specialty channels for niche audiences.

We hope that for providing you with some great musical selections, you will come to our aid in our time of need to help save the entire Marquee Mix network.

Please DON’T assume that your donation isn’t necessary because the next person will donate – that is simply NOT the case. We need EVERYBODY to help out. And that kind of thinking will surely lead to the extinction of the network.

You can also make a one time donation if you’d rather not sign up for a recurring donation, and that’s cool as well – every dollar is one dollar closer to our goal, and believe me…IT HELPS!!!

You can donate and help save Marquee Mix and its family of stations by going to the "Film Fund" and clicking on the button of your choice – $2 a month, $5 a month, $10 a month, or a one-time donation.

Thank you for your support and for your generosity!  And pass the world to your friends – the more we can generate in the next 45 days, the better we’ll be able to serve you in the future!


TC Kirkham
Programming Director
Marquee Mix