Horror Fans furious about Dish Network dropping Monsters HD Channel

Got this forwarded to me today from the LA Screamfest, and thought it was worth posting here. For you horror fans, and especially those of you who are Dish Network subscribers, this is for you!


Earlier this week Satellite provider Dish Networks made the RIDICULOUS decision to remove the Monsters HD channel from its lineup (as well as a whole bunch of other great channels from the Voom Network). I am personally furious by this decision, as are many other people in the horror community! The channels have been replaced by some not so amazing channels like The Fishing Channel! A petition to save the channel from extinction has been made and I encourage all of the readers to sign it. Even if you are not currently a Dish subscriber, please help out and sign this. 

Let¢s show the jerks who made this fatal decision that we horror fans are serious business! Perhaps we should rally around DIRECT TV to pick up the network and capitalize on DISH Network’s stupidity.  Send DIRECT TV an email at www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global/contentPageIF.jsp?assetId=P4560006 and get them to carry the network.
The channel was doing great things in the world of horror by playing uncut horror films 24 hours a day without commercial interruptions in some of the best HD broadcast that I have seen. They ran a show called Monsterrama hosted by Elvira where she would showcase people in the horror industry, cool toys and pay tribute to the olden days of horror. It was even an old show, but I still watched and recorded it every time it was on. You have seen the ads for the channel in the Horror magazines and online, in a beautiful EC Comics like renderings and the zombie Uncle Sam. MonstersHD is made BY HORROR FANS, for the horror fans and Dish Networks is making a big mistake by neglecting to regard the community of HORROR FANS who want this.
Help the community by showing Dish network that we don¢t want them to exist without Monsters HD. Please sign this and help, and also forward this on to as many people that you know, blog about it, post it on your Myspace, or Digg it, and help spread the word.
As horror fans we have been treated as a lesser than community for a long time. That time has to end! Each and every one of us can demand more quality by showing our passion for the genre by doing things like this and then continuing on to get even more horror brought to each and every one of us. I, personally would love to get Fearnet, Chiller and Monsters HD on the same cable provider. Can you imagine 3 channels devoted to us?!? I know that Fearnet is getting aggressive as well, and as soon as I get more info on their plans I will pass it on as well.
One last thing. We are hardcore fans like you and anytime a company makes a decision that effects us as a community, the community suffers as a whole. Lets not let this happen.