NO S:C This Sunday…

Sorry to be so late in announcing it, but there will NOT be a new S:C this weekend – Kim spent 5 hours at the ER yesterday getting two saline and one anti-nausea I.V.s…obviously, her illness is still ongoing, and we’re still trying to discover exactly what is going on with her.

As a result, we have cut the last planned episode of Made May, the Godfather Saga, and will reschedule it sometime this fall. Which is good, because i’m so backed up on indie screeners and the new Cheese And Whine boxsets we got last week that I don’t have time to catch the whole trilogy right now..

Thanks for your patience and understanding about what has been a very frustrating two months for us. Hopefully we’ll get this under control soon, and find out what’s wrong and get her back on her feet 100%!

Watch for the final two Made May shows in a double shot next Saturday and Sunday!