Subject:CINEMA #114 – “Space:The Final Frontier – Space Exploration Movies”

TC and Kim take a look at space exploration in the movies!

Plus some brief coverage of the Universal Studios fire, a double Bonehead Of the Week, your latest e-mail, some exciting announcements in this week’s Callback, Kung Fu Theater takes a look at Image Of Bruce Lee, and we say goodbye to five and hello to two, and a review of the always HILARIOUS Hal Sparks live in concert at the Boston Comedy Connection!


Don’t forget that June is A Huge month – our second anniversary show is coming up next week, followed by a HUGE profile of independent cinema today, and later on in the month, the 3rd annual "To Rise And Fall In L.A." featuring 2008’s Rising Star winners!

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Hal Sparks is one FUNNY dude! And he was so friendly when meeting the fans… we ordered his dvd ESCAPE FROM HALCATRAZ as soon as we got home (couldn’t get one last night, no cash left), and he was just so cool, as you can see…he was kind enough to take a picture with us, and meeting him was AWESOME! Don’t forget to check out his band, Zero-1 – they are AWESOME!

Img_0073 (L-R, Hal Sparks, Kim Brown, TC Kirkham)