Just A Buck…

Justabuck Just A Buck…

Did you know that if everyone who listened to a podcast or internet radio station took a moment and donated just one dollar to that podcast or internet radio operator every month, they could make enough from your generosity to cover most of their expenses?

Just imagine that – just one buck would give your favorite net entertainment source the funding it needs to keep growing, to keep bringing you top notch quality podcast programming, great streaming radio stations, and a quality web site you’d want to visit again and again!

All from just one buck out of your pocket!  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

PNR sure thinks so! And that’s all we’re asking you to do! I mean, believe it or not, after lengthy calculations (and some wizardry from otherworldly sources, wink wink),  we have determined that if everyone who listened to our Subject:CINEMA podcast, and everyone who listened to our internet radio stations, took the time to donate just a buck each month, it would more than cover our expenses and allow us to continue to develop new and exciting concepts for our sites that you would LOVE!

Take a moment RIGHT NOW to donate so you don’t forget! By donating to PNR, your buck will be helping to support the many websites and radio stations that are all a part of PNR Networks, including

Popcorn N Roses
Indie Film Spotlight
Boston Popcorn
Marquee Mix
Marquee Classix
Marquee Scores
AM 70s

And many many more projects will be possible as we go forward into the future!

Even in this time of an ever tightening economy, we know that it’s not always easy to make ends meet. But remember – the podcasters and internet radio operators have the same problems you have too, and very often they can’t make it without your support. And JUST A BUCK makes a BIG difference, whether you believe it or not!

And you can also make it automatic! Sign up here for the BUCK A MONTH Automatic Donation program, and it will come right out of your checking, credit card, or Paypal account every month – you won’t even miss it!

Can you donate more? SURE! Podcast entrepreneurs are always in need of donations to help meet expenses. SO if you want to, donate more than a dollar – but remember to come back next month for that "Just A Buck" donation again if you haven’t signed up for automatic donation, because believe you me, we go through the whole donation amount in a very short time!

The Directors’ Club

Some people have indicated they prefer to donate more than a buck on an automatic basis, and that’s why we’ve also set up auto monthly donations at $2, $5, $10, and $25 levels. If you can afford to do it, by all means, sign up! You’ll have our appreciation forever! And if you sign up for the $5, $10, or $25 Automatic Monthly Donation, or make a one time contribution of $50 or more, you will be listed as a member of the Directors’ Club on Popcorn N Roses! Starting this fall, Directors’ Club members will also get a special monthly newsletter detailing exactly WHERE your money is going and HOW your donations are being used to help grow PNR into an independent web entity.  What could be better than that?

And if things get too tight, never fear – you can cancel your monthly donation program – any level –  AT ANY TIME! We certainly understand!

But remember…it all begins with JUST A BUCK – and that’s ALL we’re asking from you. Your buck will help us pay our web expenses this month, help us to expand and grow our internet radio offerings, and help us to have a website you’ll never want to leave (well, that’s the theory, at least…)!

If you visit our websites regularly, if you listen to Subject:CINEMA every week, if you listen to the Marquee stations or AM70s regularly, take the time now to donate Just A Buck! And don’t forget, you can use the Just A Buck concept for EVERY Podcast and Internet Radio Station you listen to..chances are you’ll discover you CAN afford it…after all, it’s JUST A BUCK!