Subject:CINEMA #121 – “Hero Heat II: Real Men Carry A Bullwhip”

Hero Heat II gets underway with a look at Indiana Jones!

TC is back from his scary ordeal last weekend, minus some Stones of Gall and the Bladder that attacked him, and he and Kim are ready to tackle this years’ Hero Heat series of shows, starting with Indiana Jones! We take a complete look at  "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom", "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade", "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles", and "Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull"!

Plus on this extended catchup edition – A preview of this years’ National Amusements "Attack of The B-Movies" series (well, SORT OF…); complete reviews of "Batman:Gotham Knight" and "The Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor"; the latest site news in this weeks’ Callback; a double Bonehead Of The Week; and we catch up with listener E-Mail as well!

Our Hero Heat Schedule for this years’ slate of shows is as follows:

Sunday, August 10 – Me Tarzan, You Audience

Sunday, August 17 – Zorro With A Z

Saturday, August 23 – Truth, Justice, And The Superman Way

Sunday, August 24 – Who In The World Is The Doctor?

Sunday August 31 – A Rockin’ Goku Time

We hope you’ll want to join us for all six shows, so be sure to spread the word!

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