It’s BAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK! National Amusements’ 2008 “Attack of The B Movies” series launches Thursday

National Amusements will launch the 2008 edition of "Attack Of the B Movies" this Thursday night, August 7th.

We attended most of both series last year, and had a BLAST! We were joined on several occasions by listeners of Subject:CINEMA, and we hope if you’re in the Revere MA area, that you’ll drop by. We aren’t planning to get to all of them this year, because some of them we’ve seen and just CAN’T TAKE AGAIN, heh heh heh…but we WILL be covering them here, and on Subject:CINEMA.

This year’s schedule looks like this (movies in Bold Italics are new to the series this year):

8/7 – The Giant Gila Monster / The Killer Shrews
8/14 – Gorgo / Teenagers from Outer Space
8/21 – The Brain That Wouldn’t Die / First Spaceship on Venus
8/28 – Devil Girl from Mars / Robot Monster
9/4 – Giant from the Unknown / She Demons
9/11 – The Wasp Woman / Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
9/18 – Monster from a Prehistoric Planet / Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet
9/25 – The Last Man on Earth / Bride of the Beast
10/2 – A Bucket of Blood / Attack of the Giant Leeches
10/9 – House on Haunted Hill / Amazing Transparent Man                        
10/16 – Last Woman on Earth / Bloodlust
10/23 – Screaming Skull / Tormented
10/30 – Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory / The Bat
10/31 – Nightmare Castle, Dementia 13, House by the Cemetery,
and Night of the Living Dead

As last year, you get 2 classic B Movies for a mere $5 per person, price for the Halloween Quadruple Bypass show is slightly higher, I believe.

The series will be running at selected National Amusements theaters in 10 states: Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Virginia. To find out if your local theater is participating, click HERE.

For complete information on the series, visit their website at, or their main website info at National Amusements.

We hope to see some of you in Revere every Thursday night! And listen for coverage of the series every week on Subject:CINEMA!