Directory Of Theater Chains

We got to thinking one day…"Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if we could provide a one-stop site for all the major theater chains in the country?"  Well, look no further! Welcome to our Theater Chains Directory!

We’ve compiled a list of links to as many major theater chains in the U.S. as we could find. We will be expanding the list by country eventually starting with Canada, but for right now, we’ve found as many theater chains operating in the U.S. as we could.  In order to qualify for this list, the theater chain has to have at least two different theaters. Also, remember that these listings sometimes encompass several different brand names – i.e., Showcase Cinemas and Cinema De Lux are National Amusement companies, and thus are included in the link to National Amusements. Also, remember that many of these chains are regional, and thus do not have cinemas throughout the U.S. – there are a couple of exceptions to that rule (Regal, National Amusements, AMC, etc), but for the most part, most theater chains operate wholly within a state or just a few states in their region.

If your local theater is part of a theater chain that’s not listed, drop us a line at and we’ll try to get it listed. And when you go to the movies next time, mention to the management that you saw their link on Popcorn N Roses!


Allen Theaters
AMC Theatres
B & B Theaters
Bow Tie Cinemas
Camera Cinemas
Carmike Cinemas
Celebraton Cinema
Chakeres Theaters
Cinemagic Movies
CineMagic Theaters
CineMark Theaters
Cinema Star Luxury Theaters
Cinema West Theaters
Classic Cinemas
Clearview Cinemas
Cobb Theaters
Coming Attractions Theaters
Dickenson Theaters
Elvis Theaters
Emagine Entertainment
Entertainment Cinemas
Fairchild Cinemas
Film Streams
Fridley Theaters
FunAsia Theaters
Galaxy Theaters
Goodrich Quality Theaters
Harkins Theaters
Hollywood Theaters
Kerasotes Theaters
Krikorian Premiere Theaters
Laemmle Theaters
Landmark Theaters
Malco Theaters
Mann Theaters
Marcus Theaters
Marquee Cinemas
M.E. Theaters
Megaplex Theaters
Metropolitan Theaters
MJR Theaters
Muvico Theaters
Naos Entertainment
National Amusements
Nova Cinemas
Pacific Theaters
Patriot Cinemas
Phoenix Theaters
Premiere Cinemas
Rave Motion Picture Theaters
Reading Cinemas
Regal Theaters
Reel Entertainment Theaters
Regent Theaters
Rogers Cinemas
Santikos Theaters
Speakeasy Theaters
Starplex Cinemas
Teicher Theaters
Trademark Cinemas
UltraStar Cinemas
Village Theaters
Warren Theaters
Wehrenberg Theaters
Westates Theaters
Wildwood Theaters

Canadian Chains Coming Soon!