A S:C #118 Followup – You can now find elusive Sunn Classics flix ONLINE!

A few weeks ago, we presented Subject:CINEMA #118, focusing on the Sunn Classic Pictures studio, and the films they produced, in all their goofy glory.

Now I’ve discovered that you can actually SEE some of these films!  The great website Subterranean Cinema (http://subcin.com) has a fantastic library of Sunn films availble for viewing online…and ALSO has the Warner Bros film that is so BAD it SEEMS like A Sunn Classic –  The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, the Nostradamus film narrated and hosted by Orson Welles in 1981, and oft mentioned by TC.

Now is your chance to take in some of these ghastly 70s psuedo-documentaries. See them in all their 70s glory while you can! We’ll discuss them soon on another episode of Subject:CINEMA! And thank you Subterranean Cinema for bringing back the memories…:-)