R.I.P. Marquee Classics, Marquee Scores, AM70s

Effective today, we have had to discontinue service for three of our music channels – Marquee Classics, Marquee Scores, and AM70s. Despite months of pleading with listeners and site visitors, we have not been able to raise enough donations to keep the channels alive, and we can no longer afford to continue to run them without help. Between the three channels, it was costing us about $150 a month to keep them on the air, and since it has become obvious that listeners are apparently unable to help us out, we must sacrifice them to keep our main channel, Marquee Mix, from suffering a similar fate in the near future.

We had planned to eventually establish a network of great radio stations for your listening pleasure, but as we announced in June, unless they could generate enough revenue through click sales or donations to pay for themselves, it was no longer going to be possible to keep them running. Unfortunately, no one responded to our pleas for help, and so the writing is on the wall.

Thank you for your listening support. Perhaps one day, we can reestablish them, but for now, the three channels must sign off immedately.

We hope you will continue to listen to our main station, Marquee Mix, which we will keep on the internet radio airwaves for as long as we can – we’re not giving up on it without a fight. You can check it out by clicking on the Marquee Mix button.

Thank you.