Two weeks, and all is well…YAY!

Well, I had my follow-up appointment this afternoon for my gall bladder surgery…and the news is great!

The doctor told me I was doing even better than she anticipated, and that she won’t need to see me again, and that my sutures will fall out on their own. I can once again move around more, eat regularly, not have to worry, but I need to keep wearing the brace until everything is completely healed, so that I will be doing until I no longer have any discomfort, just to be safe. I’ve also been cleared to return to work tomorrow….yahoo….

Seriously, though, while i’ve gotten so many things done while i’ve been off, we’re taking a BIG hit in the financial department because of my surgery, and my missing two weeks of work. I won’t get another decent check until September 5th, and all my vaca plans for the fall have blown out the window. Still, many site improvements are now in the works, and I will be able to continue them little by little as we go through the late summer and early fall. And THAT’S what counts!

I want to say thank you again to everyone who has written, sent cards, etc, during my recovery – they’re greatly appreciated, and you know it!