Rising Star Update – September is Angarano Month at your local DVD retailer

Wow, September is going to be a busy month for 2006 #1 Rising Star Michael Angarano…at least in terms of DVDs. IFS’ reporter Larry Richman reports that THREE of Michael’s most recent movies are being released, one each week for three weeks.

First up is the critically-acclaimed, criminally-underseen film MAN IN THE CHAIR on September 2. MOTC won FIVE Poppies last year: Best Director for Michael Schroeder, Best Actor (in a tie) for Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor for veteran character actor M Emmett Walsh (in the best performance of his career, IMHO), Best On-screen team for Angarano and Plummer, and Best Fight between Angarano and Taber Schroeder.  Quite simply, this little gem got major league SCREWED at the box office – it played in just enough venues to get Oscar qualification. It is HIGHLY WORTH the price of owning it, but you can rent it too…

The following week, September 9, comes Michael’s biggest and most commercial success, the excellent family fantasy film THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM. A two-disc set with tons of extras and a digital copy of the movie for your I-Pod, this film has Michael paired with legendary martial arts superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li, along with 2008 Rising Star Yifei Liu, on a quest to return a fabled bowstaff to it’s rightful owner, The Monkey King (also played by Li). The movie also features another Chinese actor who’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine, Collin Chou, as the Jade Warlord. Great action, and Michael really comes into his own as a martial artist in the story; I hope he and Jackie or he and Jet team up again at some point – the end is clearly left slightly open to offer the possibility of a sequel, so we’ll see…

Finally, on September 16, the Sundance favorite SNOW ANGELS hits screens. Michael co-stars with Kim’s #1 2008 Rising Star Olivia Thirlby and Michael’s fellow 2006 Rising Star Connor Paolo, along with Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale, in this coming of age drama with suspenseful overtones that interweaves the life of a teenager with his old baby sitter, her estranged husband, and their daughter.

So as you can see, it’s quite a month for Mr. Angarano!  Great movies all, and well worth the time if you haven’t seen them yet!

Watch for more Rising Star updates in the days and weeks ahead!