Subject:CINEMA Double Play weekend delayed one week

Here we go again…

Kim is back in the hospital, this time with blood pressure problems. Her BP spiked up to 180 yesterday morning, and has been hovering high ever since. We’re not sure when she is going to be getting out, so we feel it is best to let everyone know.

This weekend’s double play edition of Subject:CINEMA will obviously be postponed until at least next weekend, when we hope to offer a TRIPLE play edition, shows on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, which is Labor Day – which means, i’m sorry to say, that if you’re looking forward to the Superman and Doctor Who shows, you’ll have to wait a week before they’re ready.

However, I’m hoping to do other stuff for the site, including launching more new features, this weekend in lieu of having the new shows ready. And I may have time to get one or two experimental ideas online this weekend too.

SO stay tuned…as always, i’ll be keeping our readers and listeners updated…and hopefully, as we approach September, we can get our health issues in order and NOT GET SICK ANYMORE!!!