Subject:CINEMA #128 – “Schoolhouse Rocks’ 35th…um…36th Anniversary!”

TC and Kim get nostalgic for their childhood with this salute to Saturday mornings with Schoolhouse Rock!

We cover the four original Rocks – Multiplication Rock, Grammar Rock, America Rock, and Science Rock – as well as the later Money Rock, the much maligned Scooter Computer And Mister Chips, and other ABC Saturday morning mini-shows, including the Time For Timer PSA shorts and ABC’s disasterous foray into Spanish instruction with Menudo On ABC!

Plus, a look at the various tributes and parodies and much more!

And don’t forget our regular features – Attack Of The B Movies, E-Mail, and the Bonehead Of The Week!

Next week, it’s a S:C Double Shot Weekend: on Saturday, it’s "Mission:GENESIS – Clones, Dopplegangers, and Other Assorted Copies"; and on Sunday, it’s "Underrated The Third" as Kim and TC present their annual list of movies that were (usually) unfairly maligned by the press and by audiences that they think deserve your attention and an honest second chance!


We had so much fun putting this show together! We’ve been waiting for this for a while, and we hope you enjoy it.

S:C regular listener Danny Runion has been sending in some links to some hysterical YouTube clips of late, and we thought you might want to check them out.  Don’t drink anything when you watch these…I guarantee a Nose Cola moment… There’s a couple of clips of the Indian made Superman, and some truly SCARY Batman clips….Danny, The Floor Is Yours…

"Tarzan crossed with Batman can’t compete with Phillipine movie James Batman"

"But That is entirely different than James, the Musical Batman"

And his contribution this week, the Bollywood Superman

Thanks for those HILARIOUS clips, Danny…

On a more serious note, this past week was the 7th anniversary of the attack on New York and Washington on 9/11/01, and History (formerly known as "The History Channel") presented a riveting documentary, "102 Minutes That Changed America", a commercial-free look at the events of that morning in NYC in more or less real time. This documentary was different however – most of the footage came from private individuals and local NYC TV and Radio stations, rather than all news coverage. It was fascinating, heartwrenching, and unforgetable. If you get a chance, please sit down and watch it, DVR it and watch it later, or order the DVD when it comes out in a couple weeks, because it is absolutely incredible. </p>

See you next week!