Musicians: PNR and Subject:CINEMA are looking for YOU! Subject:CINEMA to begin “Artist Of The Week” feature in November

PNR is looking for podsafe music artists who might be interested in becoming a Subject:CINEMA "Artist Of The Week".

In November, we will be making some small changes in the way we currently produce Subject:CINEMA, and one of the new elements we are looking to introduce is a "Subject:CINEMA Artist Of The Week". Each week, our artist of the week will get exposure for several songs, an average of four or five songs a week, as well as exposure on a new podcast, "Subject:CINEMA’s Artist Spotlight" which will feature their music in its entirety; hopefully we’ll be able to feature interviews with the artists as well, depending on scheduling factors. They will also get the "Artist Of The Week" designation on the PNR/Subject:CINEMA website, which will link to their site and any store that they might have so that our listeners can peruse and purchase their music as they may see fit.

Musicians who might be interested in being an Artist Of The Week should drop a line to, and I’ll send full details. We do prefer that artists who are interested be "podsafe" if at all possible, but if they’re not currently members of the Podsafe Music Network or IODA, we will work with them to make necessary arrangements.

We are looking forward to hearing from and working with the hundreds of artists out there who believe in podcasting as a promotion tool as Subject:CINEMA continues to evolve and grow into the future!