Subject:CINEMA #133 – “A VERY Spirited Show – Ghosts In The Movies!”

TC and Kim continue "Screen Screams" with a look at things that go "BOO!"

Plus: This week’s news in Cinema Subjects, the Bonehead Of The Week, a serious discussion about three recent incidents involving censorship, the latest from National Amusements’ Attack Of The B Movies, Dancing With The Stars, some early Oscar news, Listener E-Mail, and some site news!


We apologize that our Double Shot weekend didn’t happen this weekend – it WILL happen next weekend, on Saturday with "Happiness Is A Warm…WEREWOLF!?! Lycanthropy In The Movies" and Sunday with "Guess What’s Coming To Dinner – The Living Dead In The Movies!"

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The young street musician we’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks, Steven Bacon, was interviewed for a feature in today’s Boston Globe – click here to take a look! And don’t forget to check out his website at!

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RADIOTC is back on the air!  I ran my own music website for nearly three years while working at the now-defunct DiscJockey.Com in the late 90s, and i’ve decided it’s time to get back into music commentary. Right now, it’s just kind of basic, and i’m reprinting some old stuff, revising it for today’s music, and on November 1, I’ll launch my first new series as I count down my choices for the Top 100 Christmas/Holiday Songs of All Time!  Two a day from 100-11, and then one a day for the Top Ten. It’s gonna be a fun ride, and i’ll be jazzing it up with music, I-Tunes links, and tons more as we head towards the end of the year. But I hope you’ll all check it out –! And please, any suggestions to make you want to visit RadioTC all the time, send ’em along to the usual address!

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