PNR’s Friday Flash for October 24 2008

Welcome to our first edition of the NEW Friday Flash! Every Friday, I’ll be posting the latest site and podcast news and other items of interest, right here!

First up, this weekend will see the last two episodes of our Halloween series, “Screen Screams” in this month’s SC Double Shot – Tomorrow, it’s “Happiness Is A Warm…Werewolf?!? – Lycanthropy In The Movies” and Sunday it’s “Guess WHAT’S Coming To Dinner? The Living Dead In The Movies!!” Hopefully you’ll enjoy both of these shows.

Sunday, November 2 will see what we’re calling a “mini-makeover” of Subject:CINEMA. We’re going to be making some slight changes in the way the podcast is structured, and we think they’re improvements that you’ll like a lot. These changes include the introduction of the “Subject:CINEMA Artist Of the Week”, the “LAMB Of The Week” (in association with The LargeAss Association Of Movie Blogs” – if you haven’t been over there yet, you should check it out), and several other new features, all designed to increase the fun and enjoyment of our show, and in turn, the PNR site as well. The following week, Monday, November 10, the same kind of “mini-makeover” will happen to “Subject:CINEMA’s Daily Call”, though obviously not the exact same kind of changes are being made. And we’ll be introducing our newest podcast, “Subject:CINEMA’s Artist Spotlight” in the next two weeks as well – this podcast will spotlight the S:C Artist Of The Week, so if you like what you hear on S:C be sure to check it out.

Also, don’t forget about Video Revue! The hilarious brother and sister team of Monica and Johnny Swanson have their own great podcast. And they’ll be debuting a brand new Halloween episode on Monday! So check out the podcast, and the great blog too! You can find them at!

We are now having a weekly chat session, Mondays 8:00-9:30 PM ET over at our social network site, Popcorn N Roses Connection ( We hope you’ll try and join in the fun!

S:C Upcoming Shows: NOVEMBER

11/2 – Subject:CINEMA #136 – “Diamonds In The Rough III”
11/9 – Subject:CINEMA #137 – “Medieval Mayhem – Swords And Sorcery At The Movies”
11/15- Subject:CINEMA #138 – “It’s About TIME We Did This Show!”
11/16- Subject:CINEMA #139 – “Non-Linear Narratives”
11/23- Subject:CINEMA #140 – “Directors’ Chair – Master Of The Turkey – The Films Of Ed Wood”
11/30- Subject:CINEMA #141 – “Scenes That Sizzle’s Second Cousin, Twice Removed!”

We hope you’ll be listening to all of them!

Don’t forget, “Subject:CINEMA’s Daily Call” is available every weekday at 10 AM ET – it’s filled with great historical tidbits, the latest DVD and Movie releases, and celebrity birthdays! If you haven’t listened yet, then check it out soon!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of the calendar year! Just a little over two months from now, it will be time for the fourth annual Poppies And Rosies awards…and it’s gonna be a tough year. And this year – YOU get to give not one, not two, but THREE Awards!  Stay tuned for more details on the Poppies And Rosies PodFan Awards!

Some more great things are happening over at PNR, and we’ll have details on those things soon!

See ya next time!