Subject:CINEMA #135 – “Guess WHAT’S Coming To Dinner – The Living Dead In The Movies!”

Screen Screams concludes with a look at zombies and ghouls!

Plus, Kim and TC bring you the latest movie news in Cinema Subjects; some site news, and a list of the Podcast Award nominees for Best Movie or Film Podcast; a record Trifecta for a lovable egomaniac in this weeks’ Bonehead Of The Week, the latest on Dancing With The Stars; a Retro Rewind edition of Attack Of The B Movies, and your E-mail!


Next week, Subject:CINEMA gets a facelift, and we arrive at one of our annual features – movies you may have never heard of that you should seek out, in “Diamonds In The Rough III”!

For those of you interested in seeking out the movie Rob Collier appears in, even though he’s hard to spot, check out the film at and see  producer/director Joel Wear’s site at

See you throughout the week, on PNR and on Radio TC, and see you here again in 7!