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The Popcorn

TC Kirkham was born in Spokane Washington in 1963. His love for music has been evident since he was three, when he started what has grown over the years to be a tremendous record collection, comprised of over 5000 pieces of vinyl, over 2000 cds, and tons of cassettes and digital audio. He has been a film buff for his entire life, and has become very serious about his film viewing as he’s grown older. He has embarked on a serious self education on film, and is still planning to take a filmmakers course in the not too distant future. He counts filmmakers as diverse as Gus Van Sant, Decker, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Riaan Johnson, Goran Dukic, Griffin Dunne and Catherine Hardwick among his favorite directors. He is putting his love of films to good work, continuing to grow Popcorn N Roses into a top flight filmlovers destination site, and his unique perspective lends itself to both his writings on the site and to his work as co-host of Subject:CINEMA.

The Roses

Kimberly Brown was born in Canada on November 30, 1968.  Adopted by an American couple as an infant, Kim has always been interested in performing, and found a great deal of enjoyment in both singing and acting.  That love of the stage carried her through grade school, high school and college.  It was in college that Kim really shone, appearing in productions of “Godspell”, “Cabaret”, and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. After college, Kim entered the work force, but her love of the theater never left her. Kim is always up for the challenge when it comes to mastering a myriad of different voices and accents.  A talented mimic, she can offer the voices for old and young, male and female, good and evil, high-class or low-brow. A serious student of film, Kim is turning her vast knowledge of films old and new into a resource for her work as a co-host on Subject:CINEMA