Subject:CINEMA #136 – “Diamonds In The Rough III”


This week, TC and Kim present their third annual list of Diamonds In The Rough!

Diamonds In The Rough, as we refer to them, are smaller films, older films, or sometimes obscure films, that we love and want to share with you, because we think they’re worth the time and effort you take to seek them out. Among our diamonds this year are a couple of horror films, a couple of documentaries, some smaller indies, and two movies from one demented director.

Plus, we also name a couple of “Uncut Gems” – these are films that are not yet in circulation beyond the film festival circuit. We want to let you know about them so when they become available, you’ll be sure to seek them out.

Also this week: the latest entertainment news in Cinema Subjects; our Bonehead Of The Week, the latest Dancing With The Stars news, and listener e-mail.


Our Artist Of The Week this week is The Alice Project, a band with a great Triple A/Americana sound we think you’ll love! The minute I heard their music, I fell head over heels in love with it! Music provided courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Featured Songs:

“October Sky”
“Lady Berlin”
“Nobody Makes It Overnight”
“Movin’ On With You”
“Lily With An Attitude”

Check ’em out today!  And be sure to tell them you heard their music on Subject:CINEMA!


What are YOUR Diamonds In The Rough? Make up a list of 3-5 of your favorite movies that most people may have never heard of, and send it along to – we’re gonna try and find some of the movies on your lists, check ’em out, and report back on what we think of them!


We hope you like our slightly retooled format – more tweaks are on the way, and they’re all designed to hopefully continue to make Subject:CINEMA an enjoyable, must-listen podcast for you! 

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Keep an eye out for more exciting changes and improvements on Subject:CINEMA and Popcorn N Roses between now and the end of the year – we’re on the verge of a major facelift, and if you’ve got any ideas on what you’d like to see, let us know at!

NEXT WEEK: Subject:CINEMA #137 – “Medieval Mayhem – Swords and Sorcery In The Movies!”