Friday Flash for Saturday November 8 2008

Yes, I KNOW I’m a day late…couldn’t be helped…

I hope everyone enjoyed the slightly retooled Subject:CINEMA last week. I got e-mail for the show, but not much comment about the changes we made. Oh well…

I have to say i’m getting more and more excited about the official relaunch of Popcorn N Roses. The all-new site will be SO much more than the blog has been. We’re going to be producing tons of original material in the next few months, and we’ll also have some really incredible features. The new PNR is going to be about bringing together all our different sites, with each keeping it’s own distinct feel and look, while still becoming a part of a uniform basic area. with the latest news, the blog, video, and more all available from the central hub site.

The new PNR will NOT be a blog in this sense – what we’ll do is continue to maintain the blog using the Typepad account, and it will continue to be a focal point, but you’ll be able to get access to everything WITHOUT reading the blog if you like, because the new PNR is going to be a full-fledged portal site with TONS of new features and areas.  Over the past week, my web designer (S:C regular listener Dan DiCenso) and I have been working on the new look and when it debuts at some point in the not too distant future, you’re gonna LOVE it! It’s going to add so much to the way i’m envisioning things for the future, and hopefully open new and exciting opportunities for us.

I was aiming for this year’s Poppies And Rosies podcast on New Year’s Eve to debut the new site, but something tells me it’s going to be ready to launch sooner than that – and as soon as it’s ready to go, we will announce its launch in a special e-mail to our Yahoo Groups list, as well as a general press release.

I’m working with Typepad on incorporating many of our sub-groups on Flixster, Spout, Facebook, etc, into our FeedFlare account, which will eliminate the need for the Contact Pad on the podcast posts, which is causing some problems with the new Typepad interface. So hopefully, once this gets finished, you’ll be able to scroll to the bottom of each blog post, and click on a link to get to our other sites and community hubs. Feedflare stopped working when Typepad introduced their new interface a few weeks ago, and hopefully, they’ll be able to fix it soon.

Our MySpace page will be updated and retooled soon as well, so keep an eye over there – its overhaul is planned for next weekend at this time, but it might be the end of the month before things get going fully over there.

This week’s Subject:CINEMA is “Medieval Mayhem – Swords And Sorcery In The Movies”, and will cover a wide range of topics. Plus we’ll have our usual stuff for you as well, and that’s all this Sunday at 12 Noon US Eastern Time!