DAILY CALL – What’s going on?

You may have noticed that there hasn't been a new podcast of Daily Call posted since last Thursday.

Why? Well, there's two reasons…

One, I can be a lazy so-and-so when it comes to getting things done when other things get in the way..

And Two, it's because the new format version of Daily Call is in the works right now…and getting it ready is taking a little more time than I thought it would.

So Daily Call is on a short hiatus, and is taking this week – and possibly next week as well – off.

When it returns, you'll notice some differences about the show, but we think you'll like the new version even better!

So keep tuned right here – we'll let you know when The Daily Call MK 2 is set to premiere. It won't be much longer…can't be, awards season is almost here…heh heh heh…