The first winner is in – PASTE names “FIRAAQ” Best Film of 2008

As happened last year, Paste Magazine has the first “Best Of” film list of 2008. IN the new issue, now on newsstands, the magazine names India’s “Firaaq” as their number one film of the year.

The magazine says about the film:

“For all the praise heaped on Slumdog Millionaire this year, it wasn’t even the best film shot in India. It ran a distant second to Firaaq, the directorial debut from Nandita Das. The 39-year-old actress has crafted a modern masterpiece that serves as a study in authenticity and humanitarianism. With an uncompromising dedication to her characters, Das explores profound issues without ever sounding a false note.”

The complete review can be found on Paste Magazine’s site this Thursday.

The complete Paste Top 20 Movies of 2008:

1. Firaaq

2. The Dark Knight

3. A Christmas Tale

4. Nights And Weekends

5. The Visitor

6. Wall-E

7. 4 Months, 7 Weeks, and 22 Days

8. Momma’s Man

9. Son Of Rambow

10. Ballast

11. Call+Response

12. Man On Wire

13. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

14. Rachel Getting Married

15. Kabluey

16. Paranoid Park

17. The Wrestler

18. The Pool

19. Chop Shop

20. Iron Man

Several of the list have yet to be released to the general audiences, such as The Wrestler, which is a major holiday release.

The critics’ season begins in early December and we’ll be here with all the winners and commentary on same through the end of the season in February 2009 with the presentation of the Academy Awards. And don’t forget, our fourth annual awards, the Poppies and Rosies, will come smack in the middle of Awards Season – our Top 10 lists will be announced on December 26, with the full awards, including our best Pictures of 2008, will be announced on December 31 during a special New Year’s Eve edition of Subject:CINEMA.