Subject:CINEMA #140 – "Directors’ Chair: Master Of The Turkey – The Films of Ed Wood"

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving this coming Thursday, Kim and TC take on the films of the director most noted for making turkeys – the legendary Ed Wood!

Also on today's show: The week's news in Cinema Subjects, our take on Entertainment Weekly's 50 Sexiest Movies list, the latest developments on Dancing With The Stars, your E-mail, we address a spoiler controversy,  and a complete review of the highly anticipated film version of Stephanie Meyer's blockbuster novel TWILIGHT.


Our Artist Of The Week this week is Kevin Reeves, a fantastic singer I discovered on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code show a few years back. His songs are fantastic, and Kevin is easily one of my favorite podsafe artists. I think you're gonna love his stuff! Music provided courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Featured Songs:

"Throw Me A Line"
"Afraid And Alone"

Check him out today!  And be sure to tell him you heard his music on Subject:CINEMA! If you're a musician and would like to be Subject:CINEMA's Artist Of The Week, contact us!


Last week, we are (not) ashamed to admit we RickRolled everyone thanks to a news story about singer Rick Astley. I was VERY disappointed we didn't get more mail about it (pout, pout), but regular listener Rob Collier did send us a link to a hilarious take off on Rick's hit that is most commonly used for the RickRoll phenonemon…check it out…if you dare…:


Regular listener R Chris Fagnan brought up an excellent campaign sponsored by Focus On The Family that concentrates on making people aware of retailers who either embrace, sort-of embrace, and blow off the word "Christmas" in their holiday advertising. We read Chris' mail this week in our e-mail segment, and if you want to know more about it, check out the list on the Focus On The Family Action list of retailers at
and check out the "Merry Tossmas" video at


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Next Week: Subject:CINEMA #141 – "Scenes That Sizzle's Second Cousin, Twice Removed"